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Balancing Begins with Valuing Yourself

Remember a time when you played with your physical balanceon a balance beam, log, railing, or perhaps point shoes, ice skates or a bicycle. Imagine how you leaned to the left and then the right, perhaps you laughed as you fell down and picked yourself back up. Finding your balance was an exhilarating game filled […]

It Was All About Fashion And Much More.

On Sunday, May 2nd, thirty WonderGirls gathered at LIM College in Manhattan, NY for Fashion: The REAL 411! The girls were from the City, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut and as far away as Texas. The day began with Ann Shoket, Editor in Chief of Seventeen magazine talking about her career in publishing (she began […]

Envision Your Dreams! How to Use a Vision Board to Fulfill Your Dreams

  Whats the big deal about vision boards? You may have heard of vision boards, which have been featured on Oprah, The Secret, and Larry King.  A vision board is a collage of pictures and words; its a vivid, inspiring reminder of what you want in your life, and a tool for making it happen. Many celebrities have used vision […]

Go Big or Go Home!

Today, I had the privilege of attending the 2010 Matrix awards, presented by New York Women In Communications. It was an occasion to honor eight outstanding women in the fields of music, journalism, television, public relations and business for their leadership and contributions to the advancement of women. The honorees were a distinguished group: Tina […]

And You Thought It Was Just Attitude

As parents of teenagers, havent we all wondered at one time or another What was she thinking? We endeavor for years to instill good judgment in our growing kids and then, one day, our formerly level-headed daughters seems to wake up like alien beings. Maybe its sour moods or a really curious choice in a […]

A WonderGirl Youve Gotta Meet!

My name is Fiona Lowenstein. I am a high school sophomore in New York City, and my passion is politics. All my life, I have been drawn to current events, international relations, and problems that affect women. Beginning at age of six, when I first expressed interest in the Bush v. Gore election and continuing […]

Watching Out for Your Frenemy!

In theory, a frenemy would be easy to spot by females of any age.  This is a friend who seduces you at the outset, compliments you on your smarts, your achievements, your style, then spills your secrets and uses you. The worst part about it is that what she  admires about you, she also despises  […]

Organize from a Place of Joy!

It seems that just as soon as the New Years been rung in, people are off and running in a mad dash to FINALLY get organized. I love that energy of action and determination, but Ive seen time and again how quickly that energy fizzles out, leaving people overwhelmed with half-organized piles of paper and […]

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